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2019 Casa Marin Cipreses Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

a bottle and a glass of wine

April 28, 2023

Chile is one of the largest producers of Sauvignon Blanc in the world.  Unfortunately due to the decision to produce a lot of bulk wines in the past, there are a lot of mass produced Chilean Sauvignon Blancs on the market.

Despite this, there are also a lot of gems that are on the shelves of wine stores and in restaurants.  I find that Chilean Sauvignon Blanc often trends toward the Old World French incarnations of the varietal.

When Maria Luz (Marylu) Martin decided upon Lo Abarca in the San Antonio Valley in Chile she was met with skepticism.  Her gamble paid off and Casa Marin was the first Chilean winery to be featured in Michelin 5 star restaurants, and the Cipreses Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc was rated at the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world by one publication in 2009.

This wine presents a nice light straw to gold color but has a bit of fogginess and yes, maybe a dewdrop or a "floater" as it is unfiltered.  A beautiful aroma of grapefruit, and a bit of honey immediately hit me as I swirl it in the glass. 

On the palate I am immediately reminded of the special Sancerre wines in the Loire Valley in France.  The flavor moves more to lemon citrus with a nice honey and what suggests a bit of sweetness.

I could sip on this wine for hours enjoying the nice complexity of the wine, but it has a nice bit of acidity that would make it pair well with food.

I immediately want Chef Bruno's Ensalada Gaucha with chicken (yes, this will pair well with chimichurri).  I am enjoying mine today with a Empanada Pollo con Queso and a side of Heredia Arroz.

Producer: Casa Marin

Region: Lo Abarca, Chile

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage: 2019

Alcohol: 13.5%

Why we chose this wine:  We were looking for a quality Sauvignon Blanc that would compare to the French Sancerre.

- Robert Kaster