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Morning & Brunch | Midday & Evening

Our Story

El Viñedo Local, translated as "the local vineyard," was developed to give our guests an opportunity to experience South American inspired small plates, wines, and coffees in a unique and relaxed setting.

Each of our dishes, wines, and coffees have been selected to enhance the experience.  We also take pride in offering high quality products from reputable producers.  Our coffees are 100% organic and fair trade from South American farmers.  Many of our wines come from South American producers who are committed to sustainable and organic practices.

Our goal is that our guests experience our three "E's" which are the foundation of our concept:

Explore increasingly popular South American Wines and coffees.

Enjoy South American small plates.

Experience a unique, relaxed and casual environment in which guests can socialize and interact with a well trained and service oriented staff.

Each of our wines, dishes, and coffees have a story; we all have stories, we look forward sharing ours with you!

Our Coffee

We are pleased to source our coffees through Café Campesino, located in Americus, GA.  Each of the coffees are high quality, fair trade and 100% organic.  Each is roasted to bring out the unique characteristics of the beans.  

Our Wines

Just like each of us, each of the wines we offer have an unique history and story.  We have carefully selected quality wines that offer unique characteristics and that pair well with our menu of small plates.

Roughly seventy percent of our list is curated with wines from South American producers.  Most of these producers pride themselves on sustainable and organic farming practices. 

We encourage our guests to explore wines from regions and producers in which they may not be familiar.  Who knows, you may just find a new favorite.  Visit often as our wine list will change frequently. 

Our Plates

South American food, not to be confused with more spicy food from Central America and Mexico, is influenced by the Incan, Spanish, and Italian cultures.  South America is blessed geographically having abundant seafood from both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as unique ingredients from the mountains and the Amazon.

The nuanced flavors make this cuisine ideal to pair with a range of different wines.  Empanadas are a staple in nearly every South American country although preparation varies geographically.  Other regional dishes include arepas, cevices, and humitas among others.  

 Chef Bruno believes in preserving the traditional methods of cooking to present food that is both relevant and authentic.  He also works to source the freshest ingredients for each dish. 

Our Team